Turning an interactive lighting platform into a marketing tool.

Spireworks is the world's only real-time architectural interactive lighting platform for Manhattan's most well-known skyscrapers.


Raising brand awareness via the Manhattan skyline

Spireworks allows users to change the colors of Manhattan's three most iconic skyscrapers — One Bryant Park, One Five One, and One World Trade Center — with an easy-to-use mobile application.

In response to the viral reaction it produced among New Yorkers and tourists, Spireworks was looking to reinvent its platform so brands and other organizations could use it as a marketing tool.

  • — Custom-built dashboard and scheduling tool
  • — Easy to use experience for brands and foundations
  • — Boost marketing & brand awareness


Not another marketing tool

Working alongside Spireworks, our team was responsible for building and developing user experience and front-end interfaces for an invite-only web marketing and event management platform. This platform would enable invited brands and organizations to establish, schedule, and pay to use some of the iconic skyscrapers' lighting systems.

By using the New York skyline as a canvas for their marketing activities, each invited company could now paint the sky with their brand colors and increase awareness of their campaign.


Through our collaboration with Spireworks, the company was able to rapidly convert product specs and designs to a custom-built marketing tool, creating a new way for brands to communicate with their customers; while at the same time creating an extra revenue stream for some of the Manhattan’s skyscrapers — One Bryant Park, One Five One, and One World Trade Center.

Since its official launch, several consumer brands, organizations, and non-profit foundations have already used the platform to promote their marketing activities and crowdfunding campaigns; Spireworks has also been used in several other innovative ways, including marriage proposals and gender-reveal celebrations.


  • - UI & Web development


  • - Advertising platform


  • - Real Estate
  • - Marketing
  • - SAAS


  • - USA

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